Biggest Takeaways from Ed Tech

Technology cannot escape the education world. Society has reached a critical juncture in academia where a primary way to fully engage students is to incorporate technology into each unit of study. Whether it is through giving formative assessments to students through technologies, such as EdPuzzle or Zaption, assessing prior knowledge through a quick educational game, like Kahoot!, or even engaging students in controversial topics before a new lesson through Poll Everywhere, technology tools only benefits students learning.

A big takeaway from taking my Ed Tech class in my teaching credential program is that there are a plethora of ways to assess students’ knowledge, comprehension, and application with technology. Creating flipped lesson videos through EdPuzzle or Zaption enables teachers to give a formative assessment to students without having to give any examination in paper form. Adolescents in particular may be more willing to complete assignments and assessments if technology is involved. It is difficult for any student to become excited and engaged in doing any assignment, especially taking a short or long examination. However, using tech tools can even slightly spark students to become excited about completing an assignment.

All of the tech tools I learned how to use and researched more about simply reveal that there is so much more technology out there that can be explored. The teaching profession is ever changing and constantly seeks to improve students’ learning environment. I think the sheer amount of technology that is available to teachers is almost mind boggling. We think that we learned how to use a lot of tech tools, and that there is no other technologies to learn how to use in the classroom. Then we find out that we only touched the surface of technology integration in the classroom.

I am looking forward to exploring more aspects of technology and how to better incorporate them into the class setting.


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